Logo from the 2010 Harvard iGEM team that developed an “iGarden” project

The First International Workshop on Plant Synthetic Biology aimed to advance the harnessing of plant proficiencies for use in agriculture, as an energy source, and in any way that benefits the planet. Members of the synthetic biology community joined together with plant researchers in academia and industry, as well as representatives of funding agencies, to share current capabilities and identify pressing needs. The goal was to generate new research ventures, including the development of synthetic biology tools, methodologies, and safeguards specific to plants. A summary of the meeting can be downloaded here.

Topics of this workshop included:

  • Chloroplast Engineering
  • Model Systems / Parts Characterization / Data Mining
  • Genome Editing and Artificial Chromosomes
  • Microbe-Plant Interactions
  • Multi-gene Pathways and Organelles
  • Plant Metabolic Pathways
  • Sensing and Circuitry
  • Industrial Applications

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